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The management of the risks is at the heart of the strategy of the company.


The terrorist risk in particular, inherent to any company, whatever is its activity sector, represent a major threat in the current globalized geopolitical context.


You are the target, your customers are the target, your image is the target


Democratized on Internet by the broadcasting of capacity and indoctrination documents, the implementation of explosive and CBRN devices by radical, terrorist, criminal subversive groups or uprisings, whatever are their political trends or their motivations, aim to :

  • decrease the capacity of a company by altering its infrastructures and its economic means,
  • hinder its freedom of action in its economic setting-up,
  • reduce its market shares,
  • generate situations of economic and political crisis,
  • produce in a direct and indirect way, psychological effects.

To allow the continuity of the activity of the company, to insure the safety of his employees, to protect his economic and real estate holdings, and to protect its image, FAE provides a global solution of human, material and technical support and expertise in the field of prevention and fight against malicious acts and CBRN-E IED.